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Every 3 or 4 years Catchmaster changes the design of their flagship Pantry Moth Traps for two reasons:

  1. Fresh Style
  2. Fresh Lures
Catchmaster Pantry Pest Moth Trap
Current Design (2014) – Catchmaster Moth Traps

Fresh Style

The packaging updates this time around leave the older Orange / Yellow 2011 design and Dark Orange from 2008.  This time a dark red with the words MOTH TRAPS in english, then translated in smaller print into French: Pieges A Pyrales  and then in still smaller print the spanish :  Trmpas Para Polillas

This tri-lingual styling extends to all of the messages on the package including directions and tips.


Fresh Lures

The main reason for the changes in package design is to ensure that lures older than 3 years are easy to identify.  Many closeout buyers will purchase the end lots of moth traps and sell them as “brand New”, which technically they are because the lures have never been opened.  But the lures are still older and should be easy to ID as older lures.

Enjoy the new packaging, but mostly enjoy a top quality Moth Trap and being Able to Catch pantry moths more reliably with fresh lures.

2015 Follow-up

Moth Traps Package designs tend to be used for 3 or 4 years, this is true of the 2014 design which was only first introduced in August of 2014.  While the design doesn’t change, the pheromone lures /  bait is always the freshest for each production run.

When possible buy moth traps from a supplier that purchases directly from AP&G.  This will ensure the most recent moth traps and lures are the ones you’ll receive.  As before don’t be ‘lured’ by discounted older traps, sure the package design means nothing to the moths, but the freshness of the lures makes all the difference.


2 Pantry Moth Traps - FREE SHIPPING - Safe for Family and Pets Effective for 90 days


Instinct Driven Moth traps
Non-toxic, pesticide free pheromone lure. 2 Green moth traps.
ACPPT - Able Catch Pantry Pest Moth Traps
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