Moth Traps - FAQs

Moth Traps : FAQs and Guide

Locate Traps Near Activity

The best way to trap the indian meal moth is to place the moth trap and lure near the young moths. That means placement in pantry areas near where infested food has been found.

Check Traps Weekly

Moth control is not an overnight project. Yes, many reviews tell you that indianmeal moths came from the pantry and flew into the traps as they were being set, but that really only happens in extreme infestations.

Most of the time, checking the trap once a week for activity and over crowding is enough.

Replace Moth Traps every 90 Days

For maximum effectiveness you will need to replace moth traps and lures every 90 days, or when the trap is over crowded with moths.

Once the infestation is under control, its a good idea to maintain a sentinel moth trap. Locate the trap in the back of your pantry , and replace it every 90 days…

Use the button below to add a reminder to your calendar so you don’t forget.

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Replace Moth Traps
Moth Traps lures last 90 days. Always keep at least one moth trap in the pantry to monitor for new infestations.
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Moth Trap Dimensions

  • Flat / un-assembled: 5.25" x 8.5"
  • Assembled : 3" wide X 2.5" tall
  • Glue area: 4.5" x 6.75" (total 30 sq inches)

How to use a moth trap

  • Open the moth traps air tight package
    * Only buy moth traps in airtight packaging, not cardboard boxes
  • Pre-Fold the trap on the score lines
    To prevent over folding and sticking once the wax paper has been removed
  • Remove protective paper from large (44 sq inches) dark brown wood-grain moth trap glue board
    Some moth traps are small, and brightly colored, why be embarassed?
  • Open individual Moth Pheromone packet
    * cheap moth traps have both lures in one package, Catchmaster has individually wrapped lures
  • Place Pheromone square on red square in the center of the Moth trap
  • Folded moth trap is ready for use in discrete sensitive areas.
  • Once opened moth trap attractant should last approximately 12 weeks (or until the moth trap is full)
  • The pheromone attracts moths and like the rest of the glue moth trap, it has no dangerous pesticides

Moth Trap Resources

You can view additional pictures at : Pantry Moth Photo or read our customer's Pantry Moth Trap Reviews.

Non toxic pantry moth traps by Catchmaster.

Pantry moth traps stop moth from eating your food

Prevent food loss from moth infestations by using pantry moth traps.
Natural pheromones are safe to use near food making Pantry Moth traps the best choice.
(There are NO pesticides, sprays or other poisons in Catchmaster moth traps)

Moth Traps with Science built-in

Pheromone based Moth Traps use modern science proven to attract moth species including grain moths, raisin moths and other kitchen pantry moths commonly found in a home or food storage areas. (beware moths also love cat food, sunflower seed and most grains)

What kind of moth is in a flour bag?

Pantry Flour Moths will infest any type of grain / food that they can find. Use a food moth trap to control the flour moth.