Fast Action prevents Black Mold

Top Priority Processing – Flood Disaster Areas

Hurricane Harvey Affected Areas

Cleaner Today Flood Water Mold Killer : MoldSTAT Plus supplies are ready to ship into affected Texas communities with priority handling.

Once flood waters have safely receded, MoldSTAT Plus can be safely used to kill mold even on items that cannot tolerate bleach. No obnoxious scent, economical and fast acting..

Remove Water, Kill Mold , Rebuild

During widespread flood events, mold remediation & roofers may take weeks or months to schedule repairs to your property. They will likely advise you of preparatory work you can perform to minimize further damage:

Rated 5.00 out of 5
$59.95 $35.75

Mold Killer - MoldSTAT +
Concentrated Mold Killer yields 42 gallons
Bleach Free, Color Safe
EPA registered to Kill Mold Cold