Flood Disaster Recovery & Black Mold

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Fast Action prevents Black Mold

Top Priority Processing – Flood Disaster Areas

Tropical Storm Barry

Priority Processing for residents of communities affected by Tropical Storm Barry will receive priority processing of any mold remover / killer MoldSTAT plus orders to help control mold growth while waiting for contractors.

Spring 2019 – Missouri & Mississippi River Floods

Priority Processing for customers in the midwest US affected by the spring floods to ensure MoldSTAT plus can be quickly received to control mold growth.

What to Next

Once flood waters have safely receded, MoldSTAT Plus can be safely used to kill mold even on items that cannot tolerate bleach. No obnoxious scent, economical and fast acting..

Remove Water, Kill Mold , Rebuild

During widespread flood events, mold remediation & roofers may take weeks or months to schedule repairs to your property. They will likely advise you of preparatory work you can perform to minimize further damage:

  • Dry Out | Reduce water content by drying in the sun.
  • Throw Out | If an item won’t dry out, throw it out..
  • Tear Out | If wall board was soaked, it needs to be be removed,
  • Kill Mold | use non-bleach moldstat plus to kill mold on any soaked surface
  • Keep Dry | use tarps and/ or fans to prevent moisture / mold

Priority Processing and Priority Shipping

Americans helping Americans

When natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes and hurricanes damage homes and lives, Cleaner Today Helps where we can by prioritizing the processing of orders to those affected areas.

Cleaner Today Cares Flood Fund Donations

Since Hurricane Katrina, Cleaner Today has always prioritized handling of orders into flood water affected areas. As part of the American Family we do our part to help get life back to normal. Over the years we have received messages from previously affected flood victims who received Mold STAT products faster than expected who have asked how they can help others.
Cleaner Today Cares Flood Fund gives all Customers the ability to help others in need.
Cleaner Today Cares Flood Fund provides no-cost upgraded shipping to customers in flood affected areas, and Cleaner Today matches 100% of donations

Using MoldSTAT Plus after Storm Water / River Flooding:

Use Mold STAT plus to treat any surfaces submerged by flood water

Use 1/2 to 1 ouncesof MoldSTAT Plus per gallon of water.
(Always follow
MoldStat Plus Directions for use contained in fold out instructions on back of bottle).

When diluting moldstat plus, consider the diluting effect of absorbed water already present within saturated materials.

Remove dirt, muck gross filth or heavy soil along with non-salvageable materials.

Saturate all affected areas with a sprayer using a coarse spray tip, before and after cleaning and extraction.

Treat Carpets, carpet cushions and other porous materials such as sub floors, drywall, trim and frame timber, tackless strip and paneling

Previous Flood Disaster Areas

Cleaner Today has prioritized and shipped MoldSTAT Family mold killers to help recovery efforts in these and other previous flood events:

Original price was: $37.85.Current price is: $29.75.

MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
EPA registered | Makes 21 gallons Virus Killer including Human Corona Virus
Non Bleach mold remover

Original price was: $69.95.Current price is: $47.25.

Mold Killer - MoldSTAT +
Concentrated Mold Killer yields 42 gallons
Bleach Free, Color Safe
EPA registered to Kill Mold Cold