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Wood Cleaner for Fence and Decks

Erase and remove mold, algae, and dirt stains

Restore wood fences and Decks to original beauty.

Over Time wood will age, and be invaded by dirt, mold, algae and mildew which create bio-stains.

Bio-stains may lead to the deck boards , or fence boards cracking through the freeze cycle.

The freeze cycle just makes the bio-film dormant, as winter ends, algae, mold and mildew awake to continue the march across the wood.

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Deck & Fence Cleaner Oxygen Bleach
(Non-toxic oxygen bleach)
Spray on wood, Rinse off stains, no scrubbing.
Powerful Oxygen Bleach removes grime without Chlorine
Eco-friendly deck cleaner, 2000 sq ft.

Wood Fence and Deck Cleaner Reviews

Wood Cleaner Customer Reviews

What do our customers say about Wood Fence and Deck Cleaning products??
4.95 out of 5 stars
We have told countless people about this product!
Hi. I have just today placed a repeat order for Wood Ox 2000 fence/deck cleaner.
Ordered last summer and can't tell you enough how pleased we are with this product. We built a new home with natural pine board and batten siding. We used an oil based semi transparent stain on this in 7 years ago and over the years have experienced mold and mildew growing on the siding to the point that we were desperate for a solution. We ordered the Wood OX Cleaner and have at this point been able to clean 2 sides of the garage and 1 side of the house and it removed all the mildew and pretty well all of the old stain as well.
No damage at all to plants and shrubs. We are now continuing on with the job and found that we will need more product to finish.

We have told countless people about this product and how satisfied we are and how easy it is to apply. We have restained the cleaned siding with WATER BASED (acrylic) semi transparent stain and the result is amazing. We were told that the mold and mildew literally feeds on the oil in the oilbased stain and so the reason for the change to water based.
Hope this information helps someone else in this predicament.