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Cleaner Today takes pride in finding practical and affordable solutions to your home cleaning challenges… Whether choosing premium Roof Cleaner OX to clean the shingle roof, or keeping the algae and mold stains at bay with Roof Armor, CleanerToday has been your one stop shop for over a decade.

Naturally as the Black Mold infestations spread across the country, we brought homeowners a Do It Yourself, Professional Grade Mold Removal family : MoldSTAT Plus…
Handy homeowners no Longer needed to spend thousands on mold remediation professionals, or thrifty customers would purchase the MoldSTAT big job bundle and have their local handy man perform the mold removal project, an approach that saves hundreds of dollars.

Moth & Spider Traps??
Yeah, we get that question alot…
Based in Atlanta, many Cleaner Today employees feed wild birds, and black oil sunflower seeds in this neck of the woods are notorious for coming with a free gift…. MOTHS…
Wanting to solve a moth problem for our staff, we surveyed the Marketplace a started to sell Catchmaster Moth Traps, and now the Ultra-Premium innovative Able Catch Pantry Pest Trap.

Everyone deals with spiders, and that’s why we sell spider traps.. If you have a question about spiders, spider bites, how to control spiders, why spider traps work, what advantages trap offer or really anything, just post a comment and we will answer your questions…


questions.. we have answers
questions.. we have answers

We have over a decade of experience, and enjoy helping our customers solve their home and apartment cleaning problems.  So ask away!

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  1. Richard D York says:

    Need the best cleaner for a metal roof. Roof is 13 years old. Some small black streaks here and there. Mostly looks like a film is on it.

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