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Starting this week, Cleaner Today introduces deep quantity discounts on all of our products.   Each product page now displays a “Quantity discounts” section.

Save Money and Save the Earth?

Quantity discounts help you, us and the earth!

  • You – save money on quality products you already buy.
  • We – reduce advertising, and processing costs
  • EARTH  –  95% lower carbon foot print
    adding an additional items barely increase the weight or box size, vs shipping a separate order that requires a delivery truck to your front door.

It’s easy to save money and save the earth!

How to use Quantity Discounts

The discount grid displays the number of units required for a particular price.

Discounts range from 5% up to 20%.   As an added bonus, quantity discounts are automatically calculated.   If you have are a frequent customer you can use your coupons together with quantity discounts..

Spider Traps

Spider Trap discounts are offered on 15 spider traps and 45 spider traps

Pantry Moth Traps

Pheromone moth traps feature discounts on both the 2 pak delivered pantry moth traps and even better discounts on the moth control 8 moth trap bundle

So make your own bundles and save…



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