How Do I remove mold in crawl space / basement

Q: Which mold remover product should I use?

I have been looking at bleach, vinegar, concrobium and moldstat to get rid of the black mold plaguing my crawl space. What MoldSTAT products i should choose for crawl space basement mold removal?

A: MoldSTAT Plus and Peroxy Kling – Thank You!

The combination of
Mold Clean up using MoldSTAT Peroxy Kling followed by killing the mold with MoldSTAT Plus is an effective one – two approach to resolving a cellar, crawl space or basement mold infestation.

The process is straight forward:

First, remove all of the dense or thick layers of mold build up using Peroxy Kling (the additional body in the spray allows it to ‘cling’ to vertical surfaces longer than MoldSTAT Plus). Repeat this clean up until the black mold is no thicker than a sheet of paper.

Second, soak the areas for 10 minutes using MoldSTAT Plus. This 10 minute soak on areas with mold no thicker than a sheet of paper will kill the mold (EPA registered and Lab test confirmed). You can soak cinder block walls, poured concrete or even dirt floors (although the dirt floors may need additional mold killer to ensure a full 10 minute soak).

Third, if you choose, once the area is dry you can safely brush or sponge the dead mold residue. (MoldSTAT Plus is a mold killer, but not a stain remover because it doesn’t contain bleach).

Mold Removal Products mentioned:

$13.99 $11.75

Step #1 - Mold Cleaner
Concentrated Multi-surface mold & mildew cleaner
powered by Hydrogen Peroxide
Clings to vertical surfaces longer

$37.85 $26.50

MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
EPA registered Mold Killing solution Non Bleach mold remover Makes 21 gallons


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