At Cleaner Today we bring you affordable home care solutions. Most of us will have to deal with mold issues at some point or another. More times than not, the mold starts with an unnoticed water leak in a dark and dank location. In some extreme cases, natural disasters and the aftermath of fires force the need for immediate mold management solutions.
Whatever the cause, once mold is detected, it needs to be dealt with quickly and safely.
MoldSTAT Plus Quart Black Mold Killer

We have recommended the MoldSTAT Family of mold removal products for 10yrs.
MoldSTAT continues to be an affordable, professional quality solution to black mold management situations large and small.

Today we are introducing an even better value size of MoldSTAT Plus – The quart concentrate. Attic mold removal cost just got lower!

MoldSTAT Plus Quart ( 32oz ) concentrate makes 42 gallons of full strength mold killer and is available delivered for under 90cents per gallon.

2 thoughts on “Mold Killer Promotion

  1. helenricheal says:

    We have a tight crawlspace, about 2ft high. We want to use the moldstat plus in the fogger but aren’t sure how much would be needed and how many foggings it would take. We have 1,950 sq.ft. Appreciate any help you can give us, so we can then know how much to order.

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