Fungus Concerns



A long proven, scientific fact suggests a light, colored roof will absorb less heat, thus reducing utility bills and extending the life of asphalt shingles.

The experiments conducted at the LBNL suggest that for the roofing materials that are covered with algae, Regular roof cleaning using a quality roof algae cleaner has practically restored the solar reflectance of the weathered roofing membranes to the solar reflectance of the unweathered membranes.

A asphalt roof shingles covered with roof mold stains, shingle algae or other growths will absorb more heat due to algae’s black pigmentation.
Convection stored in upper levels of the home is unable to dissipate heat due to the insulating factors inherent with the roof algae.
These factors will result in higher utility bills.

Health and Roof Algae

The presence of this Roof Algae ( gloeocapsa magma) in such close proximity to a living environment can pose some health concerns for those with allergy problems.
The possibility does exist for this Roof algae to invade the home through exposed areas and cause other problems.
Roof Cleaning Products like Roof Cleaner QSE (quick Simple Effective) will decolonize, and remove these micro-organisms, reducing the risk to you and your family..

Our products are SAFE…

When Cleaning your roof, remember airbourne particles can come from your neighbor’s roof as well.
Clean roofs also protect property values.

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