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Reviews of Mold Killer and Cleaner Products

Cleaner Today supplies MoldSTAT family of Mold cleaner & removal products for professional mold remediation, or the DIY Mold Remover. MoldSTAT mold removal products are trusted, EPA certified and they work! We have included some of the 100’s of reviews from customers removing mold using MoldSTAT products:

Mold Remover Customer Reviews

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MoldSTAT Mold Removal Products?

Duct Work Mold Cleaner – It worked!

MoldSTAT Plus – HVAC Mold

Product Review

4.8 out of 5 stars

After opening my winter home, I noticed mold around my air vents. I contacted a local company to clean my duct work, but they wanted several thousand dollars. I knew there had to be a Do It Myself Duct Mold Remover.

After spraying the MoldSTAT Plus as an HVAC mold remover into all of my heat registers, and air returns the mold smell is gone!

R Goldman from West Palm, Florida

Mold Cleaner and Fogger Saved Us Thousands!

Mold Killer & Cleaner

Product Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

My crawl space had no vents and there was an area where water had leaked and mold grew.

I used the fogmaster ulv cold mold fogger with MOLDSTAT PLUS mold cleaner and I could tell the verynext day that it worked wonders killing the mold.

I know I saved thousands by researching killing mold and using the mold cleaner myself!
Thanks for helping our family, Christian and Joanne

Christian from Spokane, WA

Flood Victims find a great product and value!

Contractor Mold Remover

Product Review

4.9 out of 5 stars

We were one of the thousands of flood victims in Lake County Ohio and used your mold removal products for the clean up. It worked great! Every penny helps with the recovery. Thanks again! We also recommended your mold removers to one of our neighbors who also had flooding in their basement.

Loraine M from Lake County, Ohio

Mold is on the run now!

Mold Killer

Product Review

5.0 out of 5 stars

Our family has been fighting MOLD and sick house syndrome for a while. We had been using removing mold with bleach and making a mess of the basement walls, and our clothes. Imagine our surprise when we learned that Bleach can’t chase the mold INTO the wall because its too big! We decided to go with
MoldSTAT mold remover and applied it with a pressure sprayer.
The difference has been tremendous! We sprayed the mold remover directly on the mold, and it got rid of it, and the mold has not come back! The price you charge seems low for how effective the moldstat mold removal product really is, but it works!
Our family thanks you!

Brooks Family from Orange Park, Florida

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