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Use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to establish household moth control.

Start with cleaning out any stray foods, (even a couple grains of rice on the floor is too much) .

Organism Kill List – MoldSTAT Plus & Step 2

What additional organisms does moldstat plus kill? Many viruses including Human corona virus

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Brown Recluse Spider Invasion

A historic home with a colony of over 500 Brown Recluse Spiders.. Catchmaster Spider Traps [...]

Roof Cleaner Safety

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Gloeocapsa Magma – Roof Algae and mold Information

Gloeocapsa magma roof algae causes black roof streaks and stains. Use a Roof Algae Cleaner [...]

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Mold Killer – Fast Black Mold Remover

Moldstat Plus penetrates mold and kills mold at the roots. Mold Stat Plus: EPA registered, [...]

Use quality moth traps with fresh pheromone lures.


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