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Make wood beautiful again!

Early ColonyOver Time wood ages, and becomes a breeding ground for colonies of mold, algae and mildew.

These colonies attach to the wood, feed on the warmth, and over time grow into a ever expanding biofilm.

The presence of these colonies leads to the deck boards , or fence boards cracking through the freeze cycle.

These colonies are formed by the most basic microorganisms, that have been dated over 2.5 billion years old. And they have survived ice ages..

The freeze cycle just makes them dormant, as winter ends, they awake to continue the march across the surface.

Cleaning is the only way to eliminate the colonies. Wood Cleaner and Washing Products are formulated to stop lichen, mold and algae, and restore your wood to its original beauty.

Which Wood Cleaner will you choose?

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Deck & Fence Cleaner Oxygen Bleach
(Non-toxic oxygen bleach)
Spray on wood, Rinse off stains, no scrubbing.
Powerful Oxygen Bleach removes grime without Chlorine
Eco-friendly deck cleaner, 2000 sq ft.