Mold Control during Drywall Replacement

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Limit Spread of Mold Spores using MoldSTAT Plus

Q: What is best way to kill mold before replacing drywall?

Instead of cleaning mold from the drywall, my customer wants to replace the drywall, but prevent the spread of mold spores during the process. We are using MoldSTAT mold killer.
My goal is to be able to remove moldy drywall from a house and then wipe down all of the walls and ceilings of the entire house with a mold killing product to get the mold count down to a level that exists outside the house.

Would applying the moldstat plus to the moldy drywall before removing it help prevent spores from spreading to the rest of the house?

Greg in Missouri

A: Use MoldSTAT Plus to limit mold spore spread

YES, using MoldSTAT Plus mold killer on drywall before removing it will control the spread of the mold spores. Just soak the drywall with MoldSTAT Plus mold killer applied using a pressurized sprayer, or for deeper penetration the Fogmaster Mold Fogger.

Mold Remediation Products:


MoldSTAT Plus Mold Killer
EPA registered | Makes 21 gallons Virus Killer including Human Corona Virus
Non Bleach mold remover

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