Tuck | Neck / Wing

Able Catch Moth Traps in Use:

Wing Tabs – TUCK

Trap Placement does matter. Moth traps work better elevated.
Using the TAB WING – TUCK feature the trap can be tucked under a Light Switch or Outlet Cover or tucked under a drawer pull (or the screw on the inside).

Traps Direct calls it “Moth Traps …. Elevated”
Tab Wings - Neck Tuck and Wing Tuck

Wing Tab – Neck Tuck

Using the Tab Wing Neck (located in the center of the tab) the Able Catch Moth Trap can be attached to anything with a screw head fastener: drawer pulls, heating vents covers, switch plate covers etc..

Wing Tab – Wing Tuck

The entire Tab Wing Edge (using both Wings Flat) can be used to friction fit into spaces under switch plates or outlets. Tuck under the edge of a picture frame or in the edge of a panel cabinet door.

Also many door frames have a gap between the door frame trim, and the wall. Using the Tab Wing Tuck friction placement will hold the moth trap in place and out of your way.

Too large a gap? Fold Tab Wings (one or both) toward the neck to create a double or triple thick Tab Wing to wedge into the gap.

Elevate your game – trap moths at flight level.

Able Catch , the only moth trap with Dual Wing Tabs – Tuck, Hook or Loop into positions other brand moth traps can’t reach.

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Moth Trap Reviews

4.75 out of 5 stars
No Counter Space Needed
After reading other reviews of the A Catch moth traps, I decided to order some. Yes they look better than some other brands I've bought over the years, and they attract plenty of moths... Other reviewers had said they work pretty good..

No one else had mentioned the wing tabs.. or maybe tab wings... When the trap is assembled, the tab is shaped like two arches, and in the middle is a valley. I was able to loosen the knob on my cabinet door, and slide the valley of the trap under it, then re-tighten... and now the trap was up out of the way... the shape of the trap doesn't block the cabinet door when it closes. So I could put the trap on either side... No counter space wasted... Great idea!