Roof Cleaning Equipment - Rinse

Roof Cleaning Rinse Equipment

Roof Cleaning needs Rinse Equipment

Rinse location matters!

A Cleaner TODAY roof cleaner will kill the roof stains, but
until the rinsing is completed,
the full effect of the roof cleaning won’t be seen. If you are letting the rain rinse, that means enough rain needs to falls to dislodge the roof stain residue.

From the Roof (BEST METHOD)

Rinsing is the second essential part of roof shingle cleaning.
For best results rising should be done from ON THE ROOF.

From the Gutter or Ground

Rinsing the roof cleaner from the gutter or ground will be more challenging to get enough ummpph to knock loose the residue.

What tools can I use to Rinse the Roof?

Home Owners with a Garden Hose

You can use a garden hose
1 with either:
Roof Cleaning Rinse Equipment

  • Jet spray nozzle (or adjustable nozzle set on jet spray)
  • A Water Blaster tool that focuses the spray

1 When
using a garden hose, a 3/4″ hose is the best choice. Some hoses are
1/2″ which carry 50% less water than a 3/4″ garden hose. More water =
more rinsing power on the roof.

** Note: A garden hose may not have enough pressure to rinse older roofs, or stains that have been in place for several years. In these cases we recommend using a pressure washer as described below

Roof Cleaning Rinse PumpMunicipal water pressures are typically 40-80psi. Sometimes, if rinsing isn’t going well, it could be your low water pressure. In this case you could boost your water pressure with a professional roof cleaning equipment tool like a Electric Utility Water Boost Pump (found at farm supply / home centers). or use for best results use a pressure washer as a low pressure rinse tool (described below).

Roof Cleaning Professionals with Pressure Washers

Roof Cleaning Professionals can use a pressure washer as a low pressure tool for rinsing using a fan spray tip, a water broom , PitchWitch ™ or X-Jet ™ tools.
A Low Pressure Rinsing tool is critical. When using a pressure washer rig for rinsing roof cleaning products. Just keep the pressure low (around 150psi – 200psi).
For example a fan spray from a 2400 psi pressure washer, when rinsing with a 16 inch rinse path maintains a safe 150psi of rinse pressure. (2400 PSI / 16 inches = 150 pounds per inch)

** Pitch With and X-Jet are trademarks of other products, not sold here.

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