Roof Cleaning Equipment - Application

Roof Cleaning Application Equipment

Roof Cleaning Equipment – Applicators

From the Roof apply a roof cleaner with pump sprayer

  • A 4 gallon back pack Sprayer will reduce trips up and down the ladder
  • Back saver pump up sprayers reduce the need to bend and pump
  • Basic pump up sprayer you may already have in your garage.

   We carry a basic pump-up sprayer if you need one

Roof Cleaning Applicator

From the Gutter

Professional grade roof cleaning application equipment can be used from the gutter line, and provide a long distance spray roof cleaning to the ridge line and peaks. 
Our pro-applicator has a half gallon (64 oz) roof cleaning chemicals tank, which is essential to maintain the correct mixing ratio, and is also compatible with Roof Cleaner EZ pouches and Roof Armor.

Professionals with Pressure Washers

Roof Cleaning EquipmentRoof Cleaning X-jetProfessionals may also use Shurflo low flow pumps, pressure washer chemical injectors with a soap tip or XJET (X-Jet) tools to use with a pressure washer rig for application of roof cleaning chemicals. 

Because detergent injection works only in low pressure, you can conveniently change from low pressure to high pressure right at the wand by changing from black soap tip to White 40 degree fan tip.

Some quick math can determine the roof cleaner mixing ratio:  For example a 7:1 ratio requires that an Roof Cleaner EZ pouch be mixed in 64 oz of water and then fed into the injector.

All roof cleaning applicator equipment you need is included in the Roof Cleaning Bundles (also listed at bottom of page):

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