Pantry Moth Traps

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Take back control. Reduce, then eliminate the indian meal moths through use of Moth Traps.
Food is expensive, save money by getting rid of food moth infestation problems.
Pheromone moth traps leverage the moth’s own genetic code to block the next generation.


8 Pheromone Moth Traps (4 x 2 Sheets)

  • FREE Basic Shipping INCLUDED
  • Works on ALL food moths
  • Long life pheromone lure


Green, Natural Moth traps
Safe for Pets and Family, natural pheromone lure.
6 Green moth traps.
Able Catch Pantry Pest Moth Traps


2 Pantry Moth Traps - FREE SHIPPING - Safe for Family and Pets Effective for 90 days


Instinct Driven Moth traps
Non-toxic, pesticide free pheromone lure. 2 Green moth traps.
ACPPT - Able Catch Pantry Pest Moth Traps
OR - better value: 6 Moth Traps - $14.75