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I can clean my roof?

It is actually the most common email we receive.
Most home owners see the black streaks, ugly stains, and mold growth on their roof shingles, and 50% of shingle roofs are replaced only because of shingle appearance.
Roof Cleaning is Quick, Simple and Effective, when the right Roof Cleaning Products are selected.

Missing granules make a roof black?

Actually, many homeowners believe that the black spots, black streaks and roof mold are actually the shingle asphalt exposed through granule loss.
It’s NOT! The black stains and roof shingle streaks are actually ROOF ALGAE, and ROOF MOLD on living on TOP of the asphalt roof shingles.

Roof Replacement

Mold, Algae and Fungus on roof shingles result in premature failure in roof shingle surfaces and of course unsightly appearances. Roof algae will discolor the roof surface, dislodge granules and absorb solar heat.
Roof mold will damage the roof shingles. Not only is your roof being discolored by the algae, but it is shortening the life of the roof shingles leading to earlier than necessary roof replacement.

A typical roof shingle replacement costs between $7,000 and $10,000.

Roof cleaning chemicals costs under $75, and save you hundreds of dollars!

Home Owner Associations

Home Owner Associations are now requiring home owners to either re-roof or clean their roofs.

Roof stains are known to reduce property values, and cost thousands when your home is sold.

To protect community property values, the HOA requires the lawn be cut, garbage cans hidden, and roof stains removed.

Cleaner TODAY, works with HOA to provide discounts on Roof Cleaner QSE to protect property values.

Home Energy Costs related to roof cleaning

Roof Mold and Roof Algae absorb solar heat. Asphalt Roof attic temperatures become a lot higher by preventing the reflective capabilities of the granules from doing their job.

These soaring attic temperatures make your air conditioner work a lot harder and increase your electric bills sometimes as much as several hundred dollars a year.

Roof Cleaning and Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home?
A dirty roof will cost you thousands!

A stained roof covered with Algae, roof moss, causes the potential buyer to make decisions about your ability to care for the home, and assumes that the home has further problems on the interior.

For home owners, removing roof mold stains can save you thousands of dollars in your asking price. Home buyers demand dirty roofs be replaced, and that costs an average of $8500, and it comes out of the price for your home.

Roof Cleaner costs under $75 for most homes and can save you over $5000!

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